3 Biggest Eruptions in The Land of Fire, Indonesia

Biggest Eruptions in The Land of Fire

Indonesia is well-known as country with very fertile land. There are even song lyrics that said, even if you plant stick or rock on Indonesian soil, it will grow into plant. So, what is the reason Indonesia soil this fertile? It’s because Indonesia is the meeting point of three big tectonic plate, which is Eurasian plate, Australian plate and Pacific plate.

Because of this condition, there are many volcanos in Indonesia. With so many eruptions in the past, Indonesia soil basically covered with their volcanic ash, which contains lot of mineral. And, that’s the reason why Indonesia soil is that fertile. But, that’s not all about indonesia. Because of there are many active volcano, Indonesia is also well-known as the house of several biggest volcanic eruption ever recorded in history. Here are three of them.

Toba Volcano

Toba Lake is the biggest lake in Indonesia, located in North Sumatra. The bowl-like shape of this lake is actually the caldera of the ancient volcano, the Toba Volcano. And it become like this, because this volcano was erupted in the past, around 67,500 to 75,500 years ago. The Toba Volcano eruption is scaled at level 8 of Supervolcanic level. This is the highest level eruption ever happened in 25 million years. This eruption is called “Mega-Colossal”, which depict how strong this eruption strength.

Tambora Volcano

Erupted in 1815, Tambora eruption is said to be one of the loudest volcano eruption ever recorded. This volcano mountain is located in Sumbawa, which is one of the Southernmost Islands in Indonesia. Even though it’s located in southernmost part of Indonesia, its eruption can be heard by people in Sumatra, which is one of the Northernmost Islands in Indonesia. And, it’s not only sound. The eruption also affects many things. For example, at that year, Europe and North America also didn’t experience summer.

This eruption sent sulfur into stratosphere and blocks the sunlight. This condition makes some abnormal changes in global climate. It even said that this eruption triggered earthquake and tsunami several years later. Because of this eruption, there were around 10,000 victims according to Zollinger record in 1855. And, there was even more victims according to Petroeschevsky (1949), which reach around 44,000 to 48,000 victims.

Krakatau Volcano

In 1883, people in West Java and Sumatra feel the real taste of apocalypse. This was the eruption of Krakatau volcano in Sunda Strait. It said that this is the largest eruption in modern era. Its sound was so loud, even 1/8 of world population can heard it.

More than that, its volcanic ash was carried by wind and land on Norway and New York. 36,000 people died because of this global disaster. If you can imagine that eruption is happening today, when West Java and Sumatra population is really high, it can reach millions.

Those 3 were just small part of Indonesia volcano line. There are many other active volcanoes in Indonesia that you also can find. Even though they hold the ability to kill many, but it undeniable, that those volcanoes has beautiful and exotic structure and scenery you can’t find elsewhere. This is also the reason many people visit Indonesia.

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