3 Great Tips for Every Visitor to Indonesia

3 Great Tips for Every Visitor to Indonesia

Admit it, there is no place on earth to relax better than the one around the equator. Indonesia, which is cut by the equator right in its middle, has long been regarded as one of the most attractive tropical paradises on earth. Learn all about Indonesia and you will eventually be aware that there are so many things to enjoy in Indonesia, so many unique cuisines to try, so many places to visit when you are in this country, and so many reasons to spend your holiday in Indonesia. If you never visit Indonesia before and are planning to visit it, here are some tips that you may need to know if you want to visit Indonesia.

1. Use local currency

Foreign cash as well as credit card is accepted in Indonesia as a means of transactiol; however, most Indonesians prefer and are accustomed to using local currency, which is called rupiah, for payment. You can use your dollar cash to perform financial transaction, but if you insist on doing so, you will end up shopping only at exclusive shops and restaurants that offer expensive goods and foods because only those places accept your dollar or credit card. Be familiar with exchange rate and use local currency if you want to enjoy more convenient and affordable shopping in Indonesia.

2. Jakarta might not be the best for arrival.

When you book your international flight, you might think that by default, the arrival must be set in Jakarta. Unfortunately, most places that you want to visit in Indonesia are neither in nor near Jakarta. Therefore, you may want to choose another city for your arrival. If you are planning a tropical vacation, you definitely need to go directly to Bali, from which you can visit all great beaches in Bali and in neighboring Lombok. Other airports, such as Juanda International Airport and Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, can also become your targets if you depart from Singapore and Malaysia and are looking for more serene places to enjoy your holiday.

3. Make use of online transportation service.

If you worry about being scammed by taxi drivers and other transportation providers just because you are a foreigner, you should definitely make use of online transportation services, such as Go-Jek, Grab and Uber. You can get your transport fast, the cost is already set before you even board on the vehicle, and you can guarantee that the driver who serves you is polite and well-mannered. These online services can also help you if you want to order certain local foods, massage, and other services. Enjoy a scam-free stay in Indonesia with these online services and don’t forget to give five-star rating if you are satisfied with the service.

Indonesia is a great country to visit with many great attractions to enjoy. With proper planning, your visit to Indonesia will be the most enjoyable vacation that you can have. The tips above should be helpful if you want to learn all about Indonesia and to make the best plan for your visit to Indonesia.

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