Bromo tour package – Mount Bromo, East Java

Bromo tour package – Mount Bromo,

Most Favorite Sunrise Tour Destination In East Java

Bromo tour package, Often listed as an optional itinerary after Bali, East Java will give a surprising moment for first-time travelers. East Java is the least densely populated part of Java island. People relate West Java to a modern city, since the capital of Indonesia is in that region. Meanwhile, central Java is popular as the heart of Java due to the special region of Yogyakarta nearby. East Java is a place with superb natural spots of the unspoiled panorama. We can simply say that East Java is a wild rolling region with a world-class outdoor tour spot. It is Mt. Bromo, the star of sunrise tour that all travelers have to experience. In order to enjoy the most from this outdoor tour, first-timers have to get the essential things well-prepared.

The dazzling peaks and smoking volcanoes are the powerful icons of East Java. However, Bromo remains the most brilliant spot to visit among several choices. This place has both the prettiness of natural wonder and the magical essence of culture. Located in the important area of East Java, Bromo rose to Hinduism and mystical belief of natural power. The people around Bromo are the worshippers of Tengger. They are then called Tenggerese.

Bromo tour package

The Bromo Tengger – Bromo tour package

What is so exotic about Bromo is the fact that the area around the volcano is inhabited by a beautiful tribe of Tengger. The people mostly believe in Hinduism. However, Tenggerese has the special culture, ceremonies, and even calendar systems compared to Hindu Bali.

The ethnicity is believed to be the people of Majapahit that ran away from their home because of the invasion of Raden Patah. The culture of Tenggerese is thus so different to that of Javanese. The people still use the ancient Java language and do special ceremonies related to their beliefs. It is not a mere myth that Bromo and Tenggerese have connected relations. Tenggerese believes that their ancestors sacrificed their live for protecting the villages around Bromo. Therefore, every 16th day in their Kasada month; from the Tengger calendar, Tenggerese holds Yadnya Kasada to show their gratitude for their ancestors. In the event that usually starts at midnight and end till sunrise time, the Tenggerese and the shamans bring vegetables, fruits, and much more to the crater of Bromo. That is aimed at showing gratefulness and asking for a blessing.

To take a tour to Bromo or Ijen from Yogyakarta means to move from the Royal City to witness a natural beauty which blends majestic view with superb culture. First timers have to get ready with the mystical atmosphere and courtesy that they will experience. Tenggerese always welcomes foreigners so it will be comfortable to explore many spots on this tour.

Here are some tips for the first timers of Bromo tour:

  • Pick the Right Time – Bromo tour package

Bromo has been long exploited as a tourist destination. Unlike other volcanoes in East Java, Mount Bromo is easy to reach. Even, tourists do not have to hike the mountain with too hard efforts. Therefore, this is a place that receives good recognition of both local and international travelers. There are several months a year of peak seasons. It will be uncomfortable to leave for Bromo tour during high season for sure. At that time, the viewpoint will be too crowded. Sometimes, the beauty of a natural wonder lies on the natural look of it. When there are too many people and selfie sticks, the view will look bad. While other tour destinations might be the best visited during high season, Bromo is a different one. It is better to avoid peak seasons.

  • Plan Your Bromo Tour Well – Bromo tour package

Bromo is so flexible that you can go there by backpacking or by an exclusive package. It is easy to enjoy Bromo tour on a low budget. We can set up a tent there so we do not have to book a hotel room. If we want to make it more comfortable without spending too much cost, we can still join an open tour and share the cost with other travelers. There is a short-mid night tour that will be affordable. The Bromo tour package is also available at low r[ates.

  • Get Ready with Your Physical Fitness – Bromo tour package

Mount Bromo offers several different spots, all of which require excellent body fitness. Going up to the viewpoint will not be as hard as going hiking to a high mountain. There are some easy accesses to the view point. Tourists can hop in 4WD to reach the view point. After that, we can climb up the stairs and enjoy the pretty Bromo sunrise together with many other travelers. There are actually some view points. One view point enables us to set a tent up while waiting for the world class sunrise.

Besides, Bromo offers the Sea of Sand; the caldera. We can ride a horse in this area. After dropping by the Temple, we can also go to Teletubbies hill. All of the spots are around Bromo. We will not walk to go through all of the destinations. However, we still need to go to Bromo with excellent body fitness. Not to mention the temperature that can drop which may affect our health while spending our time in this majestic volcanoe.

  • Get Informed with the Hotels and Routes – Bromo tour package price

Mount Bromo is a tour destination accessible from several routes like from Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo, or Lumajang. You can pick one route that makes your tour the most comfortable. Besides, it is important that you are informed with the hotels. It is recommended that you book the hotel, homestay, or inn initially. Or, you can join a travel package that includes the hotel room. That will be comfortable and affordable.

Bromo is located in a quite remote area. The landscape is different to the atmosphere of city. The temperature can be below zero in some areas in Bromo. Thus, we have to bring our warm clothes during sunrise hunting at the Mount Bromo peak, Mt. Penanjakan. The tour mostly starts very early in the morning. If possible, we need earmuffs, double shawls, gloves, and warm hats. We also need to use cash because there will be no ATM around.

Bromo will be a flawless tour destination for beginners. Travelers do not have to be afraid of their first time solo travel to Bromo. Besides, they can always find a trusted traveling agent that offers affordable yet complete tour packages, like Bromo Ijen tour.



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