Dos and Don’ts of Visiting Indonesia

Dos and Don’ts of Visiting Indonesia

To experience a full enjoyment when visiting a particular country, you need to understand what to do and what not to do when you are in that country. The same applies to Indonesia. If you want to visit this country to enjoy its attractions, you need to learn all about Indonesia to know the dos and don’ts of Indonesian vacation. Here we will show you two things that you should do and two things that you should avoid when you are in Indonesia so that your visit to this country will give you the most memorable vacation experience that you will not forget for the rest of your life.

The Dos

1. Be well versed about Indonesia

Before you visit Indonesia, be sure that you have learned all about Indonesia. You should have listed all known places that you want to visit in Indonesia, found out about exchange rate, estimated your budget, booked hotels if needed, and decided whether you need to hire a guide. Internet and travel brochures can provide you with reliable reference to get informed about Indonesia

2. Expect something new in Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelago with many islands and tourism spots that are not fully explored yet. Because both the government and locals actively try to explore those unchartered areas and to promote them, the next time you visit Indonesia, there are often many new excitements that you didn’t encounter in your previous visit. Therefore, expect to find new things when you visit Indonesia and be sure that you have prepared your budget to join in the exploration.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t trust the price.

Scam is quite common in Indonesia. Tourists, especially those coming from abroad, often become the victims of scam. For this reason, be sure that you be cautious if someone offers you a certain good or service for certain price, because the number offered might already been twice or even ten folds of the actual price. For example, you might be offered to buy local SIM card for 250,000 rupiahs, while in fact you can get one for much less than 100,000.

2. Don’t attempt to violate the norms.

Indonesia is a country in the eastern hemisphere of the earth and has population that is mostly religious and quite stern in maintaining tradition. Some things that are considered normal in your home country might become offensive in Indonesia. Wearing too revealing clothes and ‘excessive’ expressions of romance (such as kissing in public) might cause problems with the locals. Getting informed about Indonesia culture and lifestyle is important if you want to feel comfortable when visiting Indonesia.

Conclusion of Dos and Don’ts of Visiting Indonesia

Generally speaking, Indonesia is just like other countries on earth. There are restrictions that apply in this country, especially for foreigners, but there are actually also many excitements that this country can offer. By getting informed all about Indonesia, your visit to this country should be the most memorable and comfortable one, because both you and the locals can interact in a way that pleases both.

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