East Java; a Place of Unending Lustrous Natural Destinations

East Java; a Place of Unending Lustrous Natural Destinations

East Java, Indonesia is the place for those who admire an adventure. Some people might love to enjoy a city tour with a modern kind of adventure. Some others will love to escape to the wildest forest and climb up the highest mount in the world to feel satisfied. But here in East Java, a place with a challenging destination is calling for the comfortable outdoor tour. Various outdoor tour packages are available in this eastern part of Java, from volcanic Bromo Ijen Tour to a serene beach hide-away in Sukamade.

In East Java, places are natural and that is the essential point of the region. Tourists will enjoy horse riding in a caldera and the moment of a strong wind while spending a day or two in Bromo. Those who love water sport can get a thrilling experience with rafting services in several places in East Java. The place is also a perfect choice for tourists who want to go bicycling. There are great options for riding the bikes while taking pleasure with the panoramic view.

East Java is the home of terrific volcanoes. The fuming active volcano with the bright orange sky in the sunrise time will make East Java a flawless spot for an outdoor tour. It even offers camping sites by a volcano. In addition, beaches in East Java are exceptionally virgin and so pretty. The sandy beaches are totally awesome as tourists can also get in touch with the wildlife in the natural conservation right there. And the province is also an admirable place for its traditional villages. Along the way to some destinations, tourists will be able to get back to the green way of life only by seeing the traditional villages. There is one special village to visit in East Java for the spectacular plantation, bicycling tracks, old train, and the traditional way of life.

East Java is surely a one-stop destination for an unending adventure. Here is the detail list of the superb destination in East Java.

  • Bromo Ijen Volcano Tour

The two volcanos have different charms. In Bromo, tourists will be enchanted with the sunrise beauty and the majestic culture around the place. Besides, there are some additional spots to visit around Bromo. The midnight tour is commonly enough for first-timers. Tourists will enjoy the midnight hiking experience just to anticipate the prettiness of the sunrise moments. Additionally, the Bromo Savana, caldera, and other parts are all enchanting.

Meanwhile, there is something magical about Ijen. Similarly to Bromo, Ijen is awesome for the beautiful crater. Yet, it has a lustrous acid lake with its turquoise color. Besides, there will be a phenomenon of blue fire to hunt during the midnight hiking service. Both Bromo and Ijen are world class volcano tour.

  • Pekalen rafting

This rafting facility is natural and safe. The rafting track takes about 3 hours to conquer. The view, the green river bank, and the clean water will make the experience lasts.

  • Kalibaru

Tourists will be surprised that this place is beyond their expectation. It is an amazing village with a traditional atmosphere. There are various plantation areas in Kalibaru. People can go bicycling around the cocoa, coffee, and many other plantation areas. In addition, there is also an old railway with a tunnel in Kalibaru. It is the place with the heritage of colonial era in Banyuwangi, East Java.

  • Sukamade

This is a place where a sea turtle’s wildlife is not just for a show. Tourists will enjoy visiting the nest of sea turtles to see how they lay eggs. Even, the tour will give tourists chances to send the babies off to go back to the sea. That is more than amazing. Not to mention the fabulous atmosphere of the virgin beach in Sukamade.

  • Madakaripura

If you expect to include a tour in a waterfall to your Bromo Ijen package, this will be the best bet. Madakaripura is the tallest waterfall in East Java. The height reaches 200 meters and the splash of the water is so dramatically beautiful. Tourists can visit this place while taking Bromo tour. The other name for this waterfall is the Eternal Waterfall. People call it so because of the abundant water supply that is never reduced ever since.

  • Pantai Boom and Pulau Merah

Both beaches will absolutely be wonderful destinations in East Java outdoor tour itinerary. Tourists can get a special experience in the destinations. It is time to just take a walk-by-the beach and enjoy the cuisines.

East Java offers those spectacular outdoor tours with unending satisfaction. Private tour and open tour are available. In order to make the tour flawless, it is recommended that tourists take the package offered by the experienced travel agent in East Java. The tour will surely give something precious to all travelers.




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