Indonesia, Country of Hundreds Languages

Indonesia, Country of Hundreds Languages

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. And on most of those islands, reside hundreds tribes and people. And, because of this condition, Indonesia is also known as the country with many cultures, tradition and languages. Speaking about languages in Indonesia, there are many unique and interesting things that we can find about it.

Indonesia has hundreds language and accent that different one and other. Bahasa Indonesia is the national language that all Indonesian used to communicate each other. And, there is small possibility, if someone from one area understands what others from other area said. That’s how its level of differences. For example, in some case, someone from two neighbor cities, where both of them are inhabited by people from same tribes, has some words, phrase or way to say thing differently and it hard to understand between each other. It’s not only accent. So, we can’t compare it, like between American and UK English. Languages in Indonesia are more like the language in Japan, but in more extreme level.

The easy example is in East Java. Even though people who live here are Javanese, there are many different Javanese words and phrase between each area. For example, some of Javanese use “kowé” to say “you” and other use “koên”. If you are not used to it, you won’t understand what it means.

The other funny thing about languages in Indonesia is the tone and accent. Those two things depict the character of the people in that area. For example, if you compared between character from East and Middle Javanese, you can see it’s different clearly from their language. The East Javanese use more strong word and loud volume when they speak. This show their characteristic that is more freedom and harsh. On the other hand, Javanese who live in Middle Java, use more calm tone and slower way to rephrase their sentence. This is also showing their calming characteristic. So, within Javanese itself, we can find many unique things about their language. From the tone, accent, the speaking speed and many others, shows how magnificent this country really is.

The richness of languages which also shows the variety of cultures in Indonesia also made Indonesian feels more opened to accept something that different. Indonesia has got used with something which is called differences. Although, today there are many friction between some group, that’s only small part of this country. And, we believe, every country also has similar problem. But, the act of acceptance to many differences is also the reason why Indonesia is well-known as one of the kind people in the world. They are friendly toward other people, including those from other country. It makes many tourists from other country feel really happy and comfortable when they have vacation in Indonesia. However, if you want to know all about indonesia, you can visit this country. There, you won’t only find the unique languages differences. But, there are also many interesting and unique thing that you can’t find in other countries.


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