Turquoise Acid Lake: Making the Most of Mount Ijen Tour

Turquoise Acid Lake: Making the Most of Mount Ijen Tour

The world often underestimates one country’s tourism because of the unpopular reviews online. Besides, there are some misleading standards of high-class journey based on individual’s opinions. When it is for a tour, however, the reason should be deeper than that. A tour will last and leave a great impact on tourists if they can treasure every single moment that they go through on their journey. It will not depend on the online popularity of the spot. Most of the time, a special place like Ijen, East Java will be a brilliant choice to add to your tour package.

Often listed as most favorite Bromo Ijen tour packages, Ijen has gained popularity among international travellers. It has been featured in many international magazines as one of the most stunning places on earth. This place offers some of the prettiest natural attractions that every traveler dream of. Here are why Ijen is worth visiting:

  • The electric blue fire

This reason is always on the top because of the uniqueness and rareness. This natural phenomenon occurs only in two countries in the world. The blue fire in Ijen is the biggest phenomenon with the same cause. That is enough to make this place a great tourist destination. National Geographic mentioned about the electric-blue flame of Ijen and so the world started to recognize this place as one of the most stunning outdoor tour spots. Since the publication, a midnight hiking service was offered. Tourists are required to hike the spot for two hours to reach the space.

Additionally, there will be additional 45 minutes hiking down the bank on the way to the crater. That perfect spot for the blue fire is indeed challenging. Yet, once tourists see the ignited sulphuric gas, they will know why Ijen is that tempting for the international traveler. The fire emerges from cracks at 600 degrees Celcius. The flames can go up to 5 meters. The locals call it as Blue Fire for the electric blue color that sparks by the flame. Sometimes, the flame looks flowing like lava. It is due to the gases that condense into liquid sulfur.

  • The Acid Lake

We can say that the Ijen tour is not the safest one, even accessed from Bali (the closest). Moreover, it is quite risky because of the turquoise lake. The turquoise and tranquil toxic lake will be something that tourists will never regret. It smells a strong sulfur as well. Therefore, tourists need to get prepared for that with a mask and some other devices. It is not recommended for people who suffer from terrible respiratory problems. What is so special is the sunrise on the spot. The sulfur clouds might create a dramatic addition to the pretty sky backdrop. The shades of pink and purple in the dawn and the bright pink sunrise will leave all travelers in awe. While enjoying the view, tourists will see men passing by carrying giant sulfur chunks in baskets on their shoulders. The traditional mining of local miners is another gorgeous, iconic view from the location.

  • Flawless Spots for Adventurers

Ijen Crater is definitely a great place for those who love outdoor tour. Mountain bugs and hikers will treasure their moments on this site. Carefree travelers can get pleasure in the natural view and pretty landscape in this volcano. The natural phenomena offered in Ijen might not give a secured feeling. It might act up and nature’s unpredictability adds the wonderful challenge of Ijen tour.

For tourists who are seeking for more than beauty, Ijen is also the perfect destination. While showing off the pictures of a holiday moment, tourists will be able to tell the story inside the picture. For that reason, Ijen will be an amazing place with that precious story. The real life of sulfur mining operations will make the journey lasts. It may leave a deep message to the soul of travelers. They will be humble and be grateful for dealing any hardship of life. Those who have a strong passion for adventure will love to explore the unique and unusual experiences in Ijen. The harshness, dangers, and uncomfortable conditions in Ijen Crater will be the special items to face without regrets.

  • What will You Face in the Ijen Crater Tour?

Tourists have to get their bag ready since they will up the caldera rim at 2 am. The trek is approximately 4 km long. At first, you will love the trekking since the beginning of the way is easy straight and wide. There are no rocks on the way. After that, the road snakes up steep slopes. That will take about an hour to conquer. There is nothing to worry about because the trek is relatively safe. Besides, it is not a hiking race. So, you can take a short break to regain your breath. Though the atmosphere will be chilling and dark, you can actually see the pretty view while going up the crater.

The challenge of Ijen tour is not a simple one. There will be a strong wind with poisonous sulfur content. Therefore, visitors will be equipped with an oxygen mask. There are times when the wind is too strong that tourists have to sit down in the group and take their time to inhale slowly through the oxygen mask. The critical situation will last only for sometimes. The wind will move and the air will not be that poisonous. After that, tourists will see the surreal view of the boiling lake. The water is so hot that it can dissolve almost any object in the water. But that danger even adds the uniqueness of the site. Tourists will meet the local sulfur miners and sell their handicrafts made of sulfur chunks. It is the best time to show our appreciation for their hard work by buying their piece. Their

Apparently, Ijen Crater is a beautiful spot to visit during the night. The blue flame disappears at five o’clock in the morning. Yet, the sunrise with a blue and purple color scheme will change the mood dramatically. For those who are healthy and have no problem to cope with the sulfur smells, to trail down will be an amazing experience. The view and natural phenomena in this tourist destination are simply unique and magical. What are you waiting for? Pack your stuffs and take your favorite Bromo Ijen tour packages. Don’t forget to share your story with us!

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