Unique Things You Can Only Find in Indonesia

Unique Things You Can Only Find in Indonesia

Do you want to know all about indonesia? If that so, you may need to spend the rest of your life to find that out. However, this tropical country has several unique facts that you can easily know. So, here are some of those unique facts about Indonesia.

The Staple Food

The staple food for Indonesian is rice. Most of people eat rice and there are only few of areas that don’t use rice as their staple food, such as Papua that mostly eat cassava and papeda. However, we can easily say, Indonesian eat rice every day. The funny things are many Indonesian feels that they don’t eat, if they don’t eat rice. So, don’t be surprised, if you see your Indonesian friend eat rice after they eat pizza or bread. Indonesia is agrarian country. So, it’s normal if Indonesian eat rice.

The Home of Delicacy

Indonesia is also known as the paradise for culinary hunter. If you plan to have food vacation, you can visit this country. You won’t have enough time to explore and enjoy all delicacy in Indonesia. From Sumatera to Papua, you will find thousands different food with different taste. From those foods, you also can understand different characteristic of Indonesian people. And, if you plan to have culinary vacation in Indonesia, you need to prepare to have stronger tongue and stomach. It’s because, most of Indonesian food are spicy. It’s normal, because Indonesia is also well-known as spices land in the past. More than that, by eating something spicy, it can make you sweat, which will lower your body temperature. It’s useful for hot weather in this tropical country.


Indonesia has many Hindu and Buddha temples, which mostly is located in Java Island. Some of these temples are known worldwide. And even, one of them once became one of the 7 wonders of the world. This temple is Borobudur temple, which also holds the record as the biggest Buddha temple in the world. Other than Borobudur, there are also many other temples that you can visit in Indonesia. Prambanan, Mendut, Muara Takus, Penataran and many more are other temples that you can find in Indonesia. Some of them have interesting legends or myths behind its building. For example, Prambanan, which is a temple complex that consist of thousand temples in many different sizes, said was built in one night.

Funeral Procession

Because most of Indonesian is Muslim, the funeral procession uses Islamic way. However, some areas in Indonesia still use their old and traditional method. For example, in Bali, you can find Ngaben ceremony, which is the traditional cremation ceremony. Or, in Trunyan, Bali, the body of dead was placed just like that under the Trunyan tree, which is part of local funeral procession. In Toraja, they also do embalming process. This similar process is also done by some of Papua tribes.

Those were some of unique facts about Indonesia. And, what we said above is only tiniest part of the uniqueness of Indonesia. You will find more, if you visit this country.

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